Our canine guests enjoy popular amenities in our hotel.  Many of our repeat visitors RUN to the door upon arrival!


We  have three suite sizes to accommodate our guests.

Our Petite Suite is 48 square feet; 4’x6′ inside (heated) and a 4’x6′ simulated outdoor patio (non-heated) Reserved for smaller dogs only.
Our Classic Suite is 64 square feet; 4’x6′ inside and 4’x10′ patio.
Our Deluxe Suite is 80 square feet; 4’x10′ inside and 4’x10′ patio.

Dogs from the same family may share a suite.  We can also accommodate a large dog family, but please call ahead (space is limited) and additional fees apply. We have adjoining Classic Suites that opens up to 128 square feet and adjoining Deluxe Suites that opens up to 160 square feet.

The outdoor patio is in a roofed area with walls on all sides.  This allows our guests to enjoy the full space of their suite without subjecting them to the worse that Mother Nature might throw at us.

pawbullet All guests are provided with private outdoor recreation, 3 times per day (at no extra charge). Our play yards are fully fenced, grassed with lovely shade trees.

pawbullet Meals are served as requested (1, 2 or 3 times a day). We proudly serve Fromm as the house menu, but you are more then welcome to bring your dog’s diet from home.

pawbullet Fresh water is provided at all times.

pawbullet Medication (including insulin) provided by you will be administered as directed by your veterinarian and you.

pawbullet Bedding is available at no charge, but if you bring your dog’s bedding from home we will happily use it.

pawbullet Housekeeping is as needed throughout the day, we will keep your pet’s suite as clean as a whistle. And bedtime “mints” are waiting after their evening outing.

pawbullet The music is on in our suites 24 hours per day.

pawbullet Tummy rubs, hugs and kisses are provided by our staff through out the day.

In addition to the above, we also offer the following Lodging Special add-on Packages!!!

KING’s PACKAGE – $30 – Smoked bone upon arrival, manicure/pedicure, 1 frozen stuffed KONG and raised cot for lounging in their inside Suite

PRINCE’s PACKAGE– $20 – Smoked bone upon arrival, 1 frozen stuffed KONG and raised cot for lounging in their inside Suite

BARON’s PACKAGE– $15 – 1 frozen stuffed KONG and Raised cot for lounging in their inside Suite

HONEYMOONER’s PACKAGE – $40 – 2 Smoked bones upon arrival, “Couples” manicure/pedicure, 2 frozen stuffed KONGS and 2 raised cots for lounging in their inside suite & patio


Because we care about the welfare of all of our guests, we require all guests be on a flea prevention. Any dog found to have “pets” of their own will be treated, at the owners expense.

BowMeow Regency® reserves the right to deny a reservation if we feel your canine poses a risk to other lodgers and/or staff.


Required vaccinations (annual vaccination titer results will be accepted in lieu of actual vaccinations, if levels are safe) Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordatella (Canine Kennel Cough) and Rabies


!!!BIRTHDAYS!!! Please make sure we have a record of your dogs birthday in our system, so we know the date. If your furry friend is with us on their big day they get a COMPLIMENTARY meatball “cupcake” (24-hour advance notice is required).