biscuitpawbullet Submitted by Biscuit Owens, Tibetan Terrier. 7 months old Owned by Judith Owens, CBR
Wow, yippee, oh boyoboy — my person just turned into Bow Meow Regency’s driveway.  It’s my all-time favorite place in the world, after home of course. Hurry up – all my best friends (Remy and Llyr and Kalahari, and Dasha, and Savannah)  are waiting at the door, anxious to play with me.  Oh, do we play! I even met my first kitty there.
Honor and Tish and Ellen always give me hugs, and laugh at my antics, but – uh oh – now they’re going to make me take a bath and give me a haircut and pedicure.  Oh well, it’s not so bad, they try to make it fun, then I can play with my pals again, afterwards.  My person raves about them, their thoughtfulness, the interest they take in me and my Aunty Zuni (she’s a Wheaten Terrier).   Aunty Zuni makes lots of funny noises when it’s her turn for a bath and pedicure – but she looks ever so beautiful after Honor bathes and clips and brushes her.  And I must say, we do stop traffic, all gussied up after a ‘spa day’ at BowMeow Regency.
pawbullet Submitted by Leigh Magadini- The absolute BEST place for your dogs’ grooming needs or when you go on vacation they have that special touch when your dog needs to be boarded and may be a little afraid….:)
pawbullet Submitted by William Spalding – When my dog, Charlie, runs into the BowMeow Regency faster than he runs into my house; I know he is happy there.
pawbullet Submitted by Jean Martin- We leave our little guy here all the time. The entire staff is diligent and the pups are well cared for and pampered. Puppy goes to camp while we vacation.

pawbullet Submitted by Birdie Cushwa Joseph – Such a great place to leave our girl while we work!! Know she gets a good days play in when she’s totally pooped at night;) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

pawbullet Submitted by Patty Codwise – My dog Murphy loves coming to the BowMeow. From the moment I start gathering his belongings he gets excited. When we turn the corner onto Cook Road he starts howling with excitement! When we pull into park he can no longer contain himself. He drags me inside and greets the staff with kisses. Murphy’s reaction makes it so much easier to leave him. I would not trust my friend with anyone else! Thank you to the Staff at the BowMeow!